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Alverdia Health PLLC is a mental health practice that offers both traditional in-office psychiatry as well as virtual telepsychiatry visits through video conferencing. We offer a host of mental healthcare options to provide our patients with the best medical support available. Located in both Boston, Massachusetts and Cambridge, Massachusetts Alverdia Health PLLC, more commonly known as Alverdia Health, is dedicated to taking on psychiatry with a fresh new outlook based in our “whole-person” approach.

Whole-Person Psychiatry

At Alverdia Health, we believe that everyone is more than just a sum of their medical history. You have experiences, you have stories, and in one way or another, each one of those stories has helped you to become who you are.

Alverdia Health specializes in learning about those stories and finding your best path forward. In our experience, the best way to treat you or to complete your mental health checkup is to get to know you—all of you. We believe that through effective, personal care we can find the best path to treatment, and further personalize those options to fit your unique needs.

Our Story: What’s in a Name?

Founded by psychiatrist Catline Jacques, MD, Alverdia Health began as an idea between colleagues to create a mental health practice that was unique and culturally informed. After five years, Alverdia Health was established by Dr. Catline Jacques to make the dream of providing quality, human-centered psychiatry a reality.

During its inception, this new mental health practice was designed to feature ecotherapy at the core of its treatment. A fusion between “Al” which means “going” or “to go” in Dr. Jacques’s mother tongue of Haitian-Creole and “verdia” which means “green” in Latin, the name “Alverdia Health” was cleverly created to signify this special and effective “going green” approach to whole-personal health.

About The Psychiatrist

Catline Jacques, MD, Founder

Catline Jacques, MD, Founder

“I love green spaces, the outdoors, traveling and helping people… I hope to continue to help people find the support they need to do the things they love as well.”

US-born and Haitian-raised, Catline Jacques, MD is a graduate of Universite Quisqueya (Uniq) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Dr Jacques spent much of her youth and her early adulthood in Haiti until she permanently moved to the US in 2005.

She completed her psychiatry residency at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA and a fellowship in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society & Institute. Shortly after, Dr Catline Jacques found herself specializing in consult-liaison psychiatry (formally called psychosomatic medicine) at the prestigious Cambridge Health Alliance.

Dr. Jacques has worked in a few mental healthcare settings including a local group practice, Psychological Care Associates, PC, and Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA).

At CHA, she worked with the Haitian mental health team for three years where she provided psychotherapy and psychopharmacology services to members of the community. Dr. Jacques credits her love of cultural psychiatry  to the fulfillment that comes with being able to provide much-needed mental health services to ethnically diverse populations that often do not have access to them:

“Providing psychotherapy in Haitian Creole, my mother tongue, was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my career. I’ve also worked in the Asian Mental Health team where I enjoyed providing psychopharmacological care to our ethnically diverse Asian population.”

Where is Dr. Jacques Now?

Currently, Dr. Jacques serves as a consult-liaison psychiatry staff member at Cambridge Health Alliance. She primarily works in primary care behavioral health integration (PCBHI) sites.  She also has a part-time faculty instructor appointment at Harvard Medical school and manages Alverdia Health.

“I founded Alverdia Health PLLC in March 2019 as a response to my earlier insight and the need to provide convenient behavioral whole care. I have a special interest in all aspects of ecotherapy, cultural psychiatry, mood and anxiety disorders.”

If you’d like to learn more to determine if Dr. Jacques and her team at Alverdia Health are a good fit for you, give us a call at (617) 300-0728. We’d be more than happy to help put you on the right path towards better whole-person health.

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