Psychiatry Consultation

It All Starts With a Conversation

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Whether you’re looking to begin treatment at Alverdia Health, or you’re simply interested in a second opinion about your recent diagnosis, a psychiatric consultation is the best place to start.

Consultations are required before any treatment or evaluation can begin, and are ideal for those interested even in just a one-time visit.

Taking The Whole-Person Approach

Here’s What To Expect:

At Alverdia Health, we believe in taking the whole-person approach, even at the very first stages.

Your consultation will begin with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to help identify the biological, psychological and social factors that could be contributing to your symptoms. Your provider will then use the results of the extensive assessment to provide a preliminary diagnosis of your mental health.

The information derived for the diagnosis can be used in any of the following ways:

✔ To help find a treatment plan,
✔ To give a second opinion,
✔ Or simply to provide answers for your one-time visit.

Each of these applications will include an individualized treatment plan that may include medication management, psychotherapy, medical workup, or even lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes can include dietary changes, exercise, work habits, etc.

At Alverdia Health, your mental health is our primary concern. If our findings support that you may benefit more from an alternative, more suitable treatment option, our providers will promptly share that information with you.

Whenever you’re ready, Alverdia Health is here to support you. Click Here to schedule your first consultation today.